• 2001: A Garden of Personal Mirrors

    The Single written for 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Mike Kaplan

  • The previously unheard single written for Stanley Kubrick’s masterwork, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Presented by Wave Theory as a historical release, 2001: A Garden of Personal Mirrors adds a new chapter to the film’s musical legend. The song is sung by Naomi Gardner and Kaplan plays piano on the record.

    2001 is infamous among film music aficionados for the way that Kubrick abandoned Alex North’s original score in favour of an innovative use of classical and popular pieces that have become synonymous with the movie. Now, 52 years later, Wave Theory has released “The Single” as another part of 2001's unique relationship with music.

    "The Single's intent was to capture the different responses 2001 was generating from audiences and the media, the many levels of interpretation and appreciation, from its hypnotic visuals to its metaphysical illuminations.  We also wanted to instil curiosity among audiences who had not yet seen what was becoming a cultural phenomenon.” - Mike Kaplan

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