• 3 Women

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Gerald Busby

  • Gerald Busby's iconic score to Robert Altman's avant-garde masterpiece, 3 Women (1977), starring Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek.

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    “Gerald Busby’s music for 3 Women is so perfect I don’t know how to talk about it”

    Robert Altman (filmmaker)


    “Gerald Busby is an American gem – no one else has ever written music that sounds remotely like his"

    Craig Lucas (playwright)


    ”Gerald Busby is a high personality composer with a voice like none other. His music flows with unadulterated inspiration.”

    David Patrick Stearns (music critic for the Philadelphia InquirerThe Guardianand Gramophone)

  • Tracklist
    1. Opening
    2. Pinky in the Lunch Room
    3. Pinky Sees Twins in Spa
    4. Pinky at Time Clock
    5. Pinky Washing Panties
    6. Pinky & Millie Meet Willie at Dodge City Bar
    7. Edgar's Approach to Dodge City
    8. Edgar & Willie in Dodge City Bar
    9. Pinky at Purple Sage Pool
    10. Willie Driving Jeep
    11. Pinky Sees Willie Though Aquarium
    12. Reading from Diary
    13. Pinky, Millie & Willie Painting Dodge City Mural
    14. Pinky Walking Past Pool with Garbage
    15. Willie in Pool with Bottle
    16. Pinky & Millie Fight
    17. Millie at Hospital Crying
    18. Millie, Roll-Away, Diary, the Roses
    19. Millie Passes Willie Asleep
    20. Millie Reads Pinky's Diary, Part 1
    21. Millie Reads Pinky's Diary, Part 2
    22. Dream Sequence
    23. Pinky & Millie in the Roll-Away / Edgar’s Intrusion
    24. Pinky & Millie Go to Willie in Labor
    25. Final Credits


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  • Credits

    Music by Gerald Busby.

    Flute performed by Michael Parloff.

    Album artwork designed by Robert Green and Wave Theory Records, incorporating murals painted for the film by Bodhi Wind.

    Special thanks: Gerald Busby, Mike Kaplan, Nickolaus Typaldos, and Robert Altman.

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